Series 05, Episode 01
Vote skul.jpg
Airdate 10 January 2011
Previous The Octopus
Next The B Team

Vote SKUL is episode 1 of Series 5.


The team think they have uncovered a plan by the Grand Master to kidnap the Prime Minister but instead they discover that the Grand Master is meeting the Prime Minister to sign a peace treaty. SKUL is going legitimate and the Grand Master is a free man! It turns out that the Prime Minister is losing political support and needs a public relations victory.

The Grand Master takes full advantage of his new freedom and stands in the forthcoming general election. He wants to become the next Prime Minister and if he wins, he plans to shut down the security services including M.I.9.

Meanwhile, Scoop Doggy and Avril Franklin are campaigning for school president at Saint Hopes. Mr. Flatley declares that Avril's promises are going too far and campaigns for Scoop while Mrs. King campaigns for Avril.


  • While the outcome of the school election is alluded to when Frank shoots the positron collider at Scoop making him promise the opposite of what other students voted him for leading them to walk out on him to Avril's amusement, it is said in the M.I. High 2012 Annual book that Avril did indeed become school president.



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