Total Eclipse
Series 05, Episode 04
Airdate 24 January 2011
Previous Ghosts
Next The Gran Master

Total Eclipse is episode 4 of Series 5.


Saint Hopes is in a state of excitement as staff and students witness a rare solar eclipse from the playground. As the sun is eclipsed, everyone watches and are mesmorised by the colourful entrancing spiral which  appears on the moon's surface, with only Mrs King missing the action. Suddenly Frank receives a warning text from Stark and he sees that the spiral is having a hypnotic effect on everyone. Frank quickly manages to get Carrie and Oscar free from the hypnotism  but is too late to stop Rose being hypnotised.

As Mr Flatley and the Saint Hopes' students run riot around the school and terrorise Mrs King, in a secret base the Grand Master celebrates the success of his spiral and prepares for stage two of his plan. He has kidnapped a man called Arthur Poopsberry, the creator of the spiral, and bribed Poopsberry's ex assistant Egor to help him use the spiral for evil. Via a note that Rose wrote before she was hypnotised, the team trace the spiral back to inventor Poopsberry. Stage two of the Grand Master's plan begins, and a spiral is broadcast on all UK television screens telling citizens to give all their money to the Grand Master. Oscar and Carrie pinpoint the source of the transmissions and hurry to the Grand Master's base to stop him. There they find Poopsberry, who tells them that there's still more to the Grand Master's plan.

At 4pm the Grand Master will transmit the 'attack spiral', in order to force everyone to form a huge army and invade Belgium! Meanwhile, Frank starts to suspect that the means of reversing the hypnosis might be found in a most unexpected place: Mrs King! Can Frank and the spies unlock the spiral in time to bring Rose back, dehypnotise the nation and stop the Grand Master's plans?




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