Tim Brown's SKUL Days
Series 05, Episode 10
Tim brown
Airdate 7 March 2011
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Tim Brown's SKUL Days is episode 10 of Series 5.


As the team track down a SKUL agent called Suki, Oscar refuses to stick to the agreed plan and jeopardises the operation. When captured, Suki refuses to tell them anything, but a data card she is carrying reveals the existence of a training school for young SKUL agents known as the SKUL Academy.

Back at M.I.9, Horatio Stark is furious with Oscar for ignoring the plan. When they decide that an undercover mission to the SKUL Academy is needed Stark is reluctant to assign it to Oscar, who quickly realises that this has as much to do with his family history as his recent behaviour. When Stark eventually agrees, the team create a new identity for Oscar and manage to get him accepted as a new pupil in the Academy.

Still wounded from M.I.9's lack of trust, Oscar arrives at the SKUL Academy and immediately impresses headmistress Paloma Duvere with his spying skills. This does not go unnoticed by star pupil Anita, who warns Oscar that she intends to graduate top of the class and be selected for a special mission: Operation Z12.

At Saint Hopes, Carrie interrogates Suki in an attempt to find out more about Operation Z12, but she stays silent. Oscar continues to excel at the Academy, outperforming Anita in every task and earning the respect of Paloma. He soon begins to feel at home and admire the SKUL ethic that promotes the individual. By contrast, he feels increasingly compromised by M.I.9's insistence that he report back to them every hour and becomes snappy with Oscar. Eventually he refuses to continue with his reports, and Rose realises that Oscar was lured into a trap.



M-i-high s510

Paloma addressing all the students at SKUL Academy.


Tim Brown (Oscar) and Anita at a SKUL Academy assembly.