The Wasp
Series 05, Episode 08
The wasp
Airdate 21 February 2011
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The Wasp is episode 8 of Series 5.


Hermione King is overseeing the installation of the Worldwide Slang Prevention System (WASP) at Saint Hopes. The creation of leading educationalist Lady Blahga, the WASP units punish inappropriate language or slang by stinging the speaker, thereby improving both speech and behaviour. Saint Hopes is the last in a series of schools to have the system activated, and Lady Blahga is visiting Saint Hopes to witness the switch on.

The same day, new deaf pupil Amber Bayes starts at Saint Hopes and Oscar Cole is instantly drawn to her, much to Avril Franklin's annoyance. M.I.9 have picked up intel about a "Plan BBB" (Better Behaved Britian) , designed to sabotage the WASP installation. The team discover that Saint Hopes is gradually being flooded by electro-sonic power from an unknown source that threatens to blow up Saint Hopes in two hours time, exactly when Lady Blahga will be there. Unsure who is behind the plan, Rose wonders if new girl Amber could be involved and Oscar eagerly agrees to keep a close watch on her.

Meanwhile, Rose attempts to find the source of the power surge and Carrie Stewart volunteers to guard Lady Blahga when she arrives. The system is activated and the pupils are horrified when it starts to administer stings and they are forced to modify their behaviour. Oscar observes Amber examining one of the WASP units, but she easily deflects his questioning. However, when Rose discovers that the source of the power surge is Amber's old school, Oscar is forced to think twice.


  • Lady Blahga is a reference to Lady Gaga. It is a combination of bland and Gaga. Blahga wants a revolutionary change to bland politeness.
  • After the WASP becomes active, the students resort to the cliche of speaking in William Shakespeare dialogue.
  • King is shown the meaning of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true."
  • King says "it's alive", a reference to "Frankenstein".
  • This episode shows the spies working for M.I.25.


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Peter Blahga and his wife Lady Blahga.


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The wasp

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