The Mayze
Series 07, Episode 01
The Mayze.jpg
Airdate 13 January 2014
Previous The Final Endgame
Next Frankenstein

The Mayze is episode 1 of Series 7.


It's a new term at Saint Hearts and with Zoe still away, spy handler Frank London tasks the team with the mission of tracking down one of Zoe's duplicants, Keri Summers, who is the new intended host of the Mastermind's consciousness! The team find Keri, who tells them about another sister, Libi. Keri leads them to KORPS' underground base, where they find Libi. However, Linus Currie has a machine that can make the walls move and it looks as if there is no hope left for the team. Keri defeats Currie and the team escape. To Dan Morgan's disappointment, Keri is then instated as a MI High spy. 

Meanwhile, new student Preston is trying to turn the school eco-friendly despite Lady J and Roland Donaldson's protests. Also, Hermione King makes a surprise return as the new deputy head. 




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