The Germinator
Series 06, Episode 08
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The Germinator is episode 8 of Series 6.


Funded by KORPS, scientific genius Bobby Bleach has eliminated most of the United Kingdom's germs. Allowing KORPS to use Bleach to create new diseases that weaken national defenses. Tom is the only member of the team who escaped infection, but can he overcome his fear of being in the field and stop Bleach before it's too late?

Meanwhile, Saint Hearts is hosting a science competition.


  • Frank is baffled why KORPS wanted Doctor Steinberg released after waiting at least 10 years.
  • The title is a reference to "The Terminator".
  • KORPS's plan is similiar to the Quarian species in "Mass Effect". The Quarians lack a strong immune system since they live in a disease free environment.
  • There is a similiarity to the "Star Trek" episode "The Mark of Gideon".
  • Tom shows his lack of undercover work by going to the warehouse as his usual spy self instead of blending into the background.