The Bunny Whisperer
Series 04, Episode 02
Airdate January 4, 2010
Previous Run, Carrie, Run!
Next Quakermass

The Bunny Whisperer is episode 2 of Series 4.


The biggest crime wave is sweeping the nation and SKUL are responsible; although, not the SKUL we know. The Grand Master has been overthrown by the Grand Mistress. Not content with being an underling, the Grand Mistress has conspired to get rid of the Grand Master and take over SKUL once and for all. The spies must stop the crime wave, but it is a desperate mission.

There are no clues whatsoever, apart from some mysterious fluff found at the crime scene. Frank London and Oscar Cole man the manically busy phone line in HQ, whilst Carrie Stewart and Rose Gupta are sent on mission. The spies discover that Maurice Hutchinson has been kidnapped by the Grand Master. The Grand Master needs Maurice's help to understand why Flopsy changed allegiance and went over to the side of the Grand Mistress, therefore leaving the Grand Master vulnerable.

Rose, Carrie, Maurice and the Grand Master break into SKUL and discover that Flopsy was not really a traitor, and was always loyal. But the Grand Mistress was in fact conspiring with a fake, animatronic Flopsy, which was part of her fluffy, animatronic army, designed to burrow through walls and make a quick exit with the money.

The team must stop this unstoppable army and put an end to the Grand Mistress' reign once and for all. Will they succeed, whilst keeping their jobs and integrity?


  • The title is a reference to "The Horse Whisperer".



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