The Big Freeze
Series 01, Episode 03
Series 1-2 Poster.jpg
Airdate 15 January 2007
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The Big Freeze is episode 3 of Series 1.


Daisy Millar and Rose Gupta's relationship gets icy as Britain is plunged into a new ice age and a school trip to the Weather Bureau provides cover for M.I.9's investigations.

Rose thinks the Bureau's boss is responsible for the climate change, but Daisy has other ideas and looks into Sonya Frost, a weather girl, and her sinister invention. She built a weather machine, to accurately forecast weather of her creation and revive her failing career. But the Grand Master has a more destructive plan, to freeze the world into submission!

Can Daisy get Sonya on their side and will our team remain ice-cool as the action heats up?




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