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Series 6
Series 6 Official Poster.jpg
Network CBBC
Run 17 January - 25 March 2013
Episodes # 13
Series: 1234567

Series 6 of M.I. High ran from 7 January 2013 - 25 March 2013 and consisted of 13 episodes.


The old school spies have had their day and are retired, revealed, or rumbled. Threats to British national security are at an all time high and new technology has forced a break with the past. M.I.9 has created a new type of undercover agent, hidden in a place the enemy will never suspect, Saint Hearts School.

The world faces a terrible threat, a huge underground criminal network known as KORPS.

Series Changes


  1. The Fall of SKUL (A.K.A. The Fall of SKUL Part 1)
  2. Trojan KORPS (A.K.A. The Fall of SKUL Part 2)
  3. Grosse Encounters
  4. The Face Of Revenge
  5. Mission: Incredible
  6. The Hive
  7. Old School
  8. The Germinator
  9. The Dark Wizard
  10. One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage
  11. Prison Break
  12. Inheritance
  13. The Final Endgame


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