Snoop the crystal of st helena

Scoop breaking a museum artifact in "The Crystal of St Helena".


Scoop Doggy's real name is Timothy Hinklebottom; but he prefers Scoop. He appears as a series regular from Series 3-Series 5, with his posy, replacing Fifty Pence. He is portrayed by Sam Melvin.

He loves to rap and usually hangs out with his two friends. He never takes off his furry cloak or hat, as seen in Don't Cook Now. He prefers bling and is a surprisingly good artist, as seen in "The New Grand Master". He seems to lean more towards acting cool in general than bullying other kids as opposed to Fifty.


Ge was unaware of the M.I.9 operation at the school, however he was used by M.I.9 on several occasions:

  • In the episode, "The New Grand Master", he finds a M.I.9 surveillance gadget an uses it to cheat on a test, however he gets tracked down by SKUL when he accidentally located enemy bases and found theirs. Once taken by SKUL, he wound up getting elected to be the New Grand Master.
  • In the episode, "The B Team", he is chosen to be part of a secondary spy team to rescue Rose, Carrie and Oscar however at the end of the episode he is given a memory wipe. During which time, Scoop excels in hand-to-hand combat and able to beat several SKUL agents and also commandeer the X-48 Ballistic Missile.


  • In the episode "Mind Machine", he was one of the few people not to become a Japanese fighting fish.
  • In the episode "The First to Crack", he is revealed to be the most improved student in school.
  • His name is a parody of Snoop Dogg, as his predecessor's name parodied 50 Cent.
  • He has only taken his hat of two times, the first in "Mind Machine" and the second in "The B Team".
  • Scoop is known to be very clumsy.
  • He has a crush on Rose Gupta.
  • He sometimes calls Mr. Flatley "Dr. F" or "Mr. F".
  • According to the 2012 annual, he is rumored to be called Timothy Hinklebottom; it is not a rumor as he has been constantly referred to by Mr. Flatley and Mrs. King as Timothy.