Run, Carrie, Run!
Series 04, Episode 01
Airdate January 4, 2010
Previous Moontaker
Next The Bunny Whisperer

Run, Carrie, Run! is episode 1 of Series 4.


The team must go on the most important retrieval mission of their careers. Two scientists have developed the worst kind of weapon: a Despair Bomb. When activated it omits fear, anger, and hate, literally leaving the entire country grey and miserable. Rose, Carrie, Oscar, Frank and Stark, the new Chief Agent at M.I.9, successfully retrieve the bomb and are travelling back to HQ when they're hijacked by SKUL. In the scuffle, Rose, Oscar, Stark and the Despair Bomb are kidnapped by SKUL. Frank and Carrie are left defenseless.

Frank gives Carrie a case with the antidote to the Despair Bomb and tells her to run after the van, as she's the country's only hope. Rose, Oscar and Stark manage to strike up communication with Frank and tell him the kind of noises they can hear outside the van. They pass a church where the bells are ringing, which helps Carrie to navigate through the streets and track the trail of the van.

As if constantly running wasn't enough, the Grand Master gets wind that Carrie's on his tail and sends SKUL agents in pursuit. She's too fast for them, but she's not fast enough for the Grand Master. He explodes the Despair Bomb, leaving everyone, including her team, devastated. Finally, Carrie reaches the bomb site. She opens the box to retrieve the antidote, but there's nothing there. Frank tells her that she is the antidote, her optimism is the only thing that can stop the Despair Bomb, but she will risk her life in doing so. Will Carrie save the country and keep her life?



Stark, Rose and Oscar captured by the Grand Master.


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