Mrs King - License to Spy
Series 04, Episode 04
Mrs king.jpg
Airdate January 18, 2010
Previous Quakermass
Next Don't Cook Now

Mrs King - License to Spy episode 4 of Series 4.


Mrs King's memory wipe is failing. Soon she will remember that in the basement of her school Rose, Carrie, Oscar and Frank work as spies for M.I.9. This will have catastrophic results for all, they will have to disband and leave M.I.9 for good.

Frank and the spies develop a strategy to help Mrs King forget once and for all. They cannot use another memory wipe, as this could leave Mrs King with permanent brain damage. Instead they construct an elaborate mission for her to complete as a real spy. If it works, she should think it was her subconscious mind playing tricks on her and it was all just a dream. If it fails, the spies' careers are over. There is only one problem, Mrs King is a brilliant spy and unearths a real SKUL villain at Saint Hopes. Will the spies believe her?




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