"You have won for now, but KORPS will rise..."
―The Mastermind to Keri, Dan, and Tom in, "The Last Stand".
The Mastermind Series 7.png
Full Name The Mastermind
Nickname Master
Gender Male
Occupation KORPS commander
Faction KORPS
Enemy M.I.9, SKUL
Status Dead
First Episode The Fall of SKUL
Last Episode The Last Stand
Portrayed By Gavin Mitchell (voice) (Series 7), Brian Cox (voice) (Series 6)

The Mastermind is the leader of KORPS. He was presumed dead until, "The Fall of SKUL", when he communicated with the Grand Master. He is one of the main antagonists from Series 6 - Series 7.


His consciousness was transferred to a computer after M.I.9's assault on KORPS ten years ago. In "The Last Stand" The Mastermind was successfully transferred into Keri Summers's body by KORPS scientist Mike Stern. Keri's consciousness went into The Heart to stop the Crime Minister from gaining control of Britain and used The Heart to activate the mind transfer. Their minds were switched back, returning The Mastermind to Neuron Containment Case where his consciousness died soon after.

Head of KORPS, assumed dead after final M.I.9 assault over 10 years ago, survived and stayed hidden for over 10 years until KORPS rose to power again during “The Fall of SKUL”, survived the events of “The Final Endgame”, died in “The Last Stand”.


He created over 80 clones to resurrect himself in a new body. Throughout Series 6 he thought Zoe was the ideal clone but KORPS's calculations were wrong and in fact both Keri Summers and Libi are ideal clones; now he's on the look out for both of them so there can be 2 Masterminds.


  • In the episode, "The Final Endgame" his true form is seen for the first time.
  • At the end of "The Mayze", his neuron containment case has been moved to a more permanent position in an area in the wall behind The Crime Minister's command chair in KORPS HQ.



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