M.I.9 is a secret British government service. It runs the M.I.High Project which was a secret project up until Series 4 when SKUL discovered that children were now agents.

M.I.9 at one point worked with SCAB (Section for Cybernetics And Bionics) for Operation Looking Glass. 

The M.I.High project was based at Saint Hopes in a secret base hidden 230 feet below the school up until Series 6 when the M.I.High project was moved to Saint Hearts. ("Quakermass")

In "The Beginning" it was revealed that the M.I. High Project was created when 3 Saint Hearts students foiled a KORPS scheme to create a superweapon.

As seen in "One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage", Frank London was awarded the M.I.9 medal for bravery. It is revealed that a Code Zero refers to worst case scenarios. The medal is also seen in "Return of the Dark Wizard". Both Tom Tupper and Dan Morgan were awarded the medal in the "Return of the Dark Wizard".




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  • The fictional Directorate of Military Intelligence sections in M.I. High. The names stand for: Military Intelligence, Section "X". Some names were used for real sections that are now nonexistent. Both of the only existent real life divisions of MI5 and MI6 have been mentioned in this fictional world, but are rarely referenced due to M.I.9 being the main security service in the TV series. MI9 was a real section, and MI5 and MI6 allowed the use of the MI9 name stylized as M.I.9 in the series due to their refusal to real names being used.
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  • The real MI9 was only active during WWII and specialized in aiding resistance fighters in enemy occupied territory and recovering Allied troops who found themselves behind enemy lines. They also sent gadgets to help prisoners of war escape such as compasses that were hidden inside pens or tunic buttons and maps disguised as silk handkerchiefs. All these gadgets were sent as aid parcels from fake charities.
  • During, "Forever Young", the "National Organization for Scientific Extrapolation" was seen; it was called NOSE for short, similarly to how all of KORPS's divisions are named after body parts.


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