Lenny Bicknall
Full Name Leonard Bicknall
Nickname Lenny
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupation M.I.9 Spy Handler, Caretaker
School Saint Hopes
Faction M.I.9
Enemy SKUL
First Episode The Sinister Prime Minister
Last Episode Asteroid Attack
Portrayed By Danny John-Jules

Leonard "Lenny" Bicknall was the former spy handler for M.I. High and caretaker at Saint Hopes.  He appeared in most episodes of both Series 1 and Series 2. He is portrayed by Danny John-Jules.


He was an M.I.9 agent deep undercover posing as Saint Hope's School's caretaker. He has been with M.I.9 for many years and has been involved in several espionage missions. His storeroom is the secret entrance to the M.I.9 base, deep beneath the school. He has his own personal spy gadgets including a signalling device concealed within the handle of his broom, which he uses when in caretaker disguise to contact agents under his care. Lenny moves on from M.I.High before Series 3, and is replaced by Frank London.


Lenny was the first M.I. High spy handler, he trained the spy team and gave them their missions. In the episode, "The Others", he decided to form another spy team after the success of the first one.