High School Spy Movie
Series 04, Episode 08
Spy movie
Airdate February 8, 2010
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High School Spy Movie is episode 8 of Series 4.


Lars Von Tripod is a maestro at making films. He is also extremely demanding and has a penchant for smashing chairs. The spies gain some intel about Von Tripod and his team - for decades every time he has made a film a valuable artifact has been stolen.

The team decide to lure Von Tripod to Saint Hopes with a script that features three ordinary school pupils, who are also spies. The plan is for Rose and Oscar to audition for the parts and therefore allow them to keep an eye on the bait. The bait is King Canute's scepter and sandals, worth millions of pounds, just the kind of artifact likely to be stolen on one of his films.

Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong when neither of them get past the first audition. Instead, Davina and Scoop get the parts. How can Rose and Oscar keep an eye on the artifacts when they're not part of the film?

Von Tripod's muse, Sydney Barbour, will be starring in "High School Spy Movie" and Carrie is extremely excited, since Sydney is her hero. Sydney and Carrie hit it off immediately and Sydney enlists Carrie to be her personal assistant, a role Carrie takes very seriously. This is also a perfect way for the spies to remain close to the film. Carrie starts to notice that Sydney struggles with the action scenes in the film and needs to sit down regularly, which is slightly odd. To make things worse, Von Tripod decides that the scepter and sandals should feature in his film, so the spies struggle to keep tabs on the valuables.

The artifacts are stolen and Sydney goes missing! Is Carrie's hero worship of Sydney about to come abruptly to an end? Will the spies recover the artifacts and discover who has been stealing them and why?




Oscar and Carrie

Sydney barbour

Sydney Barbour