Hermione King
Full Name Hermione King
Nickname Mrs King, Mrs K
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family Aneisha Jones
Occupation Deputy Head: Saint Hearts and Saint Hopes
School Saint Hearts, Saint Hopes
Faction M.I.9
Enemy SKUL
First Episode Art Attacks
Last Episode The Last Stand
Portrayed By Chanelle Owen

Hermione King was Deputy Headmistress at Saint Hopes and later at Saint Hearts. She appears as a series regular from Series 3-Series 5 and then again in Series 7.


She is a strong willed, serious and dominant women who likes things her way, all the students (and Frank) are scared of her whereas Kenneth Flatley is absolutely terrified of her. She came in Series 3 and left in Series 5 along with all the other characters except Frank and Mr Flatley. In Series 7, "The Mayze", she returns; she still scares Frank and Mr Flatley, and even the kids who have never even met her! She is later revealed to be Aneisha Jones' aunt.


A fierce, domineering, and obsessive disciplinarian, Mrs King is quite practical and serious, a zealot about rules and importance. This makes her rather arrogant and self-focused, but also very idealistic and fanatically elitist. She has a hot temper and is quick to yell at people who displease her.

However, she still has a spot for a bit of adventure, excitement and romance. This was shown in the episode, "The Return of the Dark Wizard".


Unlike the other characters in the show, she actually found out about M.I.9, the spy team, Frank and the base; however, her memory was wiped, and she repeatedly came close to or inconvenienced M.I.9. Out of all of M.I.9, she mainly caused trouble for Frank:

  • In the episode, "Dark Star ", she finds out about M.I.9 but Rose cleverly uses a gadget to wipe her mind.
  • In the episode, "Mrs King - License to Spy", her memory wipe fails, causing trouble for the team as they need to stop her from remembering and stop a SKUL agent she has attracted to Saint Hopes.


  • Several times in the series, King is shown the meaning of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true."
  • In the episode "The Mole", she moves into Mr Flatley's office because her office is too small.
  • In the episode, "Total Eclipse", she is one of the 4 people from Saint Hopes that don't get hypnotized, however, her voice was able to reverse the hypnosis.
  • In the episode, "Black Hole", she falls in love with Mr Flatley's twin brother (thinking it is the real Mr Flatley) whilst he goes to Hawaii on holiday.
  • In the episode, "The Mayze", she returns after leaving in "The Lost Hero".
  • She is one of the only 3 characters to be in both the original series and the 2013 revival series; the other two being Frank London and Kenneth Flatley.
  • It is revealed in "The Mayze" that her niece is Aneisha Jones.


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