Grosse Encounters
Series 06, Episode 3
Grosse Encounters.jpg
Airdate 21/1/2013
Previous Trojan KORPS
Next The Face Of Revenge

Grosse Encounters is episode 3 of Series 6.


A desperate race occurs for the team when a mysterious fireball crashes in the woods near Saint Hearts. Believing it to be a UFO, the students swamp the site of what turns out to be the MYRA satellite which KORPS are desperate to retrieve. The team must recover the black box while evading KORPS and circumventing the restrictive Section 10 placed on them by Area 5.1, a rival agency on the verge of being shut down.

Meanwhile, Mr McNabb sets the students a task of finding out as much as they can about MYRA, without going into the woods. However, Roly, Melissa, and Mr. Flatley all venture into the woods. Melissa is then awarded with a mystery prize, which turns out to be helping Frank clean the playground. 


  • At least 120 KORPS agents are arrested during the M.I.9 ambushes.
  • KORPS divisions featured: KLAVIKLE
  • Area 5.1 is a parody of Area 51.
  • The title is a parody of close encounters.
  • Area 5.1 is no longer seen as useful since the end of the Cold War.
  • Tom appears to be very sarcastic in this episode, however he usually does not understand other people's sarcastic remarks.
  • When Dan and Zoe are in Flatley's office, you can see the poster for Avril Franklin's chilli eating contest from "Day of the Jacket".
  • Roly references "E.T."
  • Goof: Despite Saint Hearts only changing it's name recently from Bleakwood Academy, the map used by Area 5.1 reads Saint Hearts. While it is possible that the map was redrawn soon after the renaming, it is also unlikely.



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