Grand Mistress
Nickname Grand Mistress
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation Criminal Mastermind, Toy Factory Owner
Faction SKUM, SKUL
Enemy Grand Master, M.I.9, SKUL
First Episode The Bunny Whisperer
Last Episode The B Team
Portrayed By Tracy-Ann Oberman


The Grand Mistress is a super villain and toy factory owner. She is the leader of SKUM and has appeared in two episodes; "The Bunny Whisperer" and "The B Team". She also appeared in the M.I. High game "Catch The Grand Mistress".

The Bunny Whisperer

In this episode, she took over SKUL and started a crime wave with the help of animatronic robots that she made in her toy factory. Though defeated in the episode she became the villain in the second M.I. High game.

The B Team

In this episode she manages to capture Rose Gupta, Carrie Stewart, and Oscar Cole, forcing Frank London and Horatio Stark to put together a second spy team (fourth in total counting; the team from Series 1-Series 2, the spy team in "The Others" and the current team at this time) consisting of Avril Franklin, Davina Berry, and Scoop Doggy. Her plan was to launch a life size replica of her X48 toy which would carry a bomb.

Catch The Grand Mistress

She also appears as a prime villain in the M.I. High game, Catch The Grand Mistress. In the game, the Grand Mistress escapes from prison and the M.I. High team must track her down but every time they find her she gets away.


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