Grand Master
Grand Master 1.jpg
Full Name The Grand Master
Gender Male
Family Leah Retsam (grand daughter)
Relationship General Flopsy (pet)
Occupation Ex-Criminal Mastermind
Enemy M.I.9, KORPS, The Grand Mistress
First Episode The Sinister Prime Minister
Last Episode Trojan KORPS
Portrayed By Julian Bleach (Series 2 - Series 6), Kerry Shale (Series 1) (Voice)


Ex-KORPS captain, sold them out to M.I.9 during the war and fled to assume control of SKUL, arrested by M.I.9 after KORPS returned and destroyed SKUL in “The Fall of SKUL”.

The Grand Master is the leader of SKUL, the Secret Kriminal Underground League, which is destroyed by KORPS in Series 6. He was the only known KORPS section commander to escape M.I.9's assault. The others went into hiding.

Numerous failed missions to stop the Grand Master have led to his and his SKUL associates' increased capacity to threaten national security. He owns a white rabbit which he refers to as General Flopsy. The Grand Master's face is never seen on-screen; his features always being concealed in shadows or by a hat, sunglasses and scarf. He is always seen wearing his "ceremonial robe" which is referred to by Oscar, Rose and Carrie as a dressing gown. He has grey hair and is possibly in his late 50's/early 60's, but beyond that very little can be determined.

On deciding to retreat to his hidden bunker on the floor of the Indian Ocean, towards the end of "The Fugitive", the Grand Master turns down Agent Zero's offer to carry on the running of SKUL, preferring to leave the job in the capable hands of General Flopsy instead! As witnessed in "The Big Freeze", he is a big fan of the former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq. And has also been taken over once by The Grand Mistress. also during one episode the Grand Master was voted out by SKUL and replaced by Scoop Doggy (Only to have the Grand Master attack him and regain control of SKUL).

In "The Fall of SKUL" he is arrested by the MI High team. He is last seen in the M.I.9 prison trembling in fear while the the team listen to the Mastermind's message.

In "Trojan KORPS" the MI High team turn to The Grand Master for advice on what KORPS are up to, he agrees to help them in exchange for the MI High team adopting General Flopsy.


A ruthless, eccentric, and calculating megalomaniac, the Grand Master is a stereotypical master criminal in the series. He is an ambitious and sadistic man, with little regard for the safety of others. He is an adept tactician and puts great trust in his allies, if not being a little callous. He has an unusual relationship with his pet rabbit, Flopsy, who is a parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's cat in the James Bond series. In the first series, he is shown to be a very skilled vehicular driver and hand-to-hand combatant.


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