Series 05, Episode 03
Airdate 17 January 2011
Previous The B Team
Next Total Eclipse

Ghosts is episode 3 of Series 5.


Rose is friends with Bodleian, the world's first artificially intelligent computer and when he is attacked by SKUL agent Theo Phantom the spies try to stop him. However in the attack Bodleian self destructs, injuring Rose and forcing Frank to send her off-duty.

Investigating a second computer hack, Carrie and Oscar trace the signals back to Theo Phantom, but when they arrest him he denies any involvement in a second attack and Oscar sees a strange figure that quickly disappears. Meanwhile a devastated Rose is given a neural patch to help her fall asleep but the device has some unforeseen side effects and she begins to see messages about Bodleian in school records.Meanwhile Oscar and Carrie locate some other stolen files and Oscar sees the strange, red figure again. When the pair return to base,Oscar tells Carrie about the odd shape and the two quickly discover that the evil part of Bodleian has entered the MI high computer.Will Crime take over the UK and beyond or will the team and Bodleian stop him?




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