General Flopsy
General Flopsy.jpg
Full Name General Flopsy
Nickname Flopsy
Hair Color White (fur)
Relationship Grand Master (Original owner), M.I. High Team (Current owner)
School Saint Hearts (Series 6 - present)
Faction SKUL (Series 1 - 5), M.I.9 (Series 6 - present)
Enemy M.I.9 (Series 1 - 5), The Grand Mistress, KORPS (Series 6 - present)
First Episode The Sinister Prime Minister
Last Episode The Last Stand

General Flopsy was the Grand Master's pet rabbit from Series 1 - 5. With the "The Fall of SKUL" in Series 6, the Grand Master was arrested for his crimes. Flopsy was adopted by M.I.9 and kept at the M.I. High base under Saint Hearts. He is seen at the end of "We Need to Talk About KORTEX" when the M.I High team clean out the caretakers closet and go into hiding.


Operation Flopsy

Operation Flopsy is episode 12 of Series 3. The M.I. High team knew that the Grand Master had a strong relationship with Flopsy so they devised a plan to capture General Flopsy. Once they captured Flopsy, they found out and believed that Jade Dixon-Halliday, Oscar's mum, was held prisoner by SKUL so M.I.9 decided to trade Flopsy for Oscar's mum. The trade didn't happen because Flopsy was handed over first from M.I.9 but Oscar's mum, helping the Grand Master, took Flopsy and escaped with the Grand Master.

The Bunny Whisperer

The Bunny Whisperer is episode 2 of Series 4. SKUL was temporarily taken over by the Grand Mistress. During this time the Grand Master thought General Flopsy had joined the Grand Mistress since he had seen CCTV footage of the Grand Mistress with a white rabbit. The Grand Master kidnaps Maurice Hutchinson, a rabbit expert, to find out why Flopsy would join the Grand Mistress and seeks help from Carrie Stewart and Rose Gupta to regain control over SKUL. They defeat the Grand Mistress and the Grand Master is reunited with Flopsy, who was truly on the Grand Master's side all along.


The Grand Master

The Grand Master was General Flopsy's original owner until "The Fall of SKUL", where the Grand Master was arrested and Flopsy was adopted by M.I.9. Flopsy is often seen in the Grand Master's arms while the the Grand Master strokes Flopsy's fur. The Grand Master is usually generous and takes care of Flopsy and they both get along well with each other. Sometimes the Grand Master plays chess with Flopsy and buys Flopsy some things like a golden hutch with the money he makes from his crimes. 

If Flopsy's physical state is not 100% well, the Grand Master would make sure he is made 100% better. In "Operation Flopsy", the Grand Master risked walking around in public just to cure Flopsy, who he thought had received a disease that attacks rabbits. In "Mrs King - License to Spy", the Grand Master nearly freaked out when one of his SKUL agents came up to him with a USB stick with a rabbit's foot over it since he thought it was one of Flopsy's feet. 


The Grand Master with Flopsy in his arms

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