Series 07, Episode 02
Airdate 20 January 2014
Previous The Mayze
Next The Man Who Drew Tomorrow

Frankenstein is episode 2 of Series 7.


Keri Summers's first mission as a fully-fledged M.I.9 agent comes sooner than anyone expected when the team discover an abandoned KORPS base beneath the school playground. Keen to investigate, their efforts are repeatedly hampered by the Saint Hearts Centenary celebrations (1914-2014). As a terrible storm closes in, Frank London begins acting strangely. They realise that one of KORPS' long forgotten experiments from 1941 has turned Frank into a supersoldier. The team mange to lure the savage Frank into the machine, and change him back to his former self. 

Meanwhile, Mr Flatley is hosting a Halloween party at the school to celebrate 100 years of history. He decides to re-create an experiment with lightning.


  • The KORPS base under Saint Hearts is seen:
  • Goof: The KORPS agent says the year is 1941, but there is a photo of a nuclear mushroom cloud.
  • The lightning storm scene is similiar to "Back to the Future". The cable cannot be connected because it is tangled.
  • The episode title and storyline is a reference to the novel, "Frankenstein", by Mary Shelly.
  • This episode is considered a halloween special.
  • It is revealed Stella Knight doesn't have total security clearance.
  • KORPS Divisions featured: STERNUM
  • General Flopsy is seen and mentioned for the first time in this series.
  • Lady J says the episode title.
  • Frank London's name is in the episode title.
  • Frank and Stella Knight's relationship is featured in this episode.
  • A student wears a ceremonial robe and hat similar to the Grand Master's.
  • Keri says, "Way to go Sherlock" when Dan says there's a thunderstorm; whilst dressed as Sherlock Holmes; (for the Saint Hearts Centenary Party), a phrase used mockingly when someone states the obvious.
  • Mrs King does not lecture Aniesha when seeing her run off.



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