Eyes On Their Stars
Series 01, Episode 02
Series 1-2 Poster.jpg
Airdate 8 January 2007
Previous The Sinister Prime Minister
Next The Big Freeze

Eyes On Their Stars is episode 2 of Series 1.


The team go on the trail of music-loving zombie kids who are ransacking CD shops across the country. They soon suspect that pop band, Crush, have been hypnotising fans, so Daisy Millar is sent undercover to help foil their plot.

The team's investigations turn to Crush's manager, failed 'Pop-Factor' contestant Tony Frisco. However, the school soon becomes seduced by Crush's hypnotic lyrics. Can Rose Gupta perform an antidote song or will Saint Hopes become a school for bad-taste zombies?


  • The title is a parody of the phrase "Stars in their eyes".
  • "Pop-Factor" is a parody of "The X-Factor" and "Pop Idol".
  • "Crush" is one of the 2 famous band/singers in series 1-7.
  • Rose can sing.
  • Stewart Critchley did not appear in this episode.



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