Series 04, Episode 07
Airdate February 1, 2010
Previous Return of the Mummy
Next High School Spy Movie

Doppelgängers is episode 7 of Series 4.


Rose, Carrie and Oscar break into M.I.9 HQ and steal a top-secret file with the details of every operative in the field. They are caught on closed-circuit television and Stark goes after them. Only it wasn't Rose, Carrie, and Oscar, but robots which were modeled on the 3 spies. They look identical.

Frank sends the spies into hiding, while he is captured by Stark and taken to an M.I.9 HQ torture chamber. He will never reveal where they are, no matter what Stark throws at him.

Rose, Carrie and Oscar have a desperate mission. They must stay on the run, prove their own innocence and break Frank out of his torture chamber. Thankfully, Frank has left them some cryptic clues to help them. The spies discover Operation Looking Glass, a top-secret operation developed by Stark and Andrea Ivanovic, a brilliant, but totally mad, Russian scientist. To make things worse, the file with details of M.I.9 operatives has been put on an auction site and the price is over 40 billion pounds sterling and rising.

The spies must stop the identities of their fellow spies being sold to the highest bidder and uncover who is behind Operation Looking Glass and the only way they are going to break Frank out of M.I.9 is by tunneling underground, using an old favourite, the Mole Machine. With the clock ticking, the spies discover the shocking truth about who created their doppelgangers!


  • We find out that Stark's first name is Horatio.
  • We learn that Scoop Doggy has knowledge of the "Freedom of Citizens Act".
  • We learn that Rose Gupta dislikes jalapeno peppers.
  • This episode features the second appearence of the 'Mole Machine'. First appearance in "The Mole".
  • We learn that French is one of the 14 languages that Oscar Cole knows.
  • Lenny gets mentioned by Rose.



The team at Andrea's hideout.