Don't Cook Now
Series 04, Episode 05
Airdate January 18, 2010
Previous Mrs King - License to Spy
Next Return of the Mummy

Don't Cook Now is episode 5 of Series 4.


The team are on a mission at celebrity chef Tommy Blumenheck's restaurant. This is the place where the Head of M.I.9 and various financial heads meet to exchange important PIN numbers, and each time they do the codes get intercepted and then the banks' cash reserves are stolen.

The Head of M.I.9 and the Head of Liverpool Banks are about to exchange the pin code. Carrie and Oscar are in the restaurant poised to discover how the code that is about to be exchanged is being stolen and catch their thief. As the code is about to be exchanged, Carrie is frantically scanning for listening devices, but cannot find anything! She tries to communicate with Rose, who is outside the restaurant, but the communications go down. The code is exchanged, the money from the bank of Liverpool is lost and the spies have failed their mission.

The Head of M.I.9 and Horatio Stark are apoplectic with rage, and the spies are taken off the mission. Unperturbed by this, they decide to investigate Tommy's restaurant by posing as health inspectors. Once inside the kitchen, they look everywhere. There are a few incongruous items in the kitchen that catch Rose's eye and Tommy certainly seems to be a tyrant. Could he be involved?

Frank tells the spies that Stark intends to set up another code exchange with the Head of the Bank of England. This time he will make sure the code is intercepted. Rose, Carrie and Oscar are powerless, but they know they must try to discover who is behind this before Stark blunders his way through the mission and potentially bankrupts the country.

Meanwhile, the school's lunch lady is adamant on only serving cabbage, which prompts Avril to lead a protest and to then challenge Tommy and the lunch lady in a competition to make the best school dinner in which she wins with a vegetarian dish, although the lunch lady will still not let go of the cabbage while making the dish.


  • The title is a reference to the phrase: "don't look now".


Tommy, Brie and Elmer.


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