"M.I.9 may have won the battle; but the war, is just beginning!"
―The Crime Minister in, "The Mayze".
Crime Minister
The Crime Minister Series 7.jpg
Full Name The Crime Minister
Nickname Crime Minister
Gender Female
Occupation KORPS second in command
Faction KORPS
Enemy M.I.9, SKUL, Frank London
First Episode Trojan KORPS
Last Episode The Last Stand
Portrayed By Pollyanna McIntosh

The Crime Minister is the second in command of KORPS. She was presumed dead until the end of, "Trojan KORPS" when she communicated with Frank London, Stella Knight, and the team.


After the first war with KORPS, the Crime Minister was presumed dead as her body was never found. She was first seen visually in an old photo in the Bunker underneath M.I.9 headquarters. After Agent Odysseus (a self assembling robot) was defeated she briefly spoke to Frank London through Odysseus. She explained that the explosion was all part of her escape plan and that numerous other KORPS operatives survived the battle.

She was placed under arrest in "The Last Stand".

Second in command of KORPS, assumed dead after final M.I.9 assault over ten years ago, survived and stayed hidden for over ten years until KORPS rose to power again during “The Fall of SKUL”, survived the events of “The Final Endgame”, arrested in “The Last Stand”.


  • Despite the intense interest of KORPS in Zoe, the Crime Minister is unable to recognize her in person.
  • The Crime Minister was able to recognize Keri Summers from the M.I.9 security footage in "The Last Stand".
  • In "The Final Endgame" it is seen that she lacks training in hand to hand combat when facing Frank London.
  • The Crime Minister was arrested in "The Last Stand".
  • The name Crime Minister was used in "Vote SKUL", during one of The Grand Master's election campaigns when he was running for Prime Minister; Basil Brush was promoting The Grand Master and noted "you could call him the Crime Minister!".




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