Art Attacks
Series 03, Episode 01
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Airdate 5 January 2009
Previous Asteroid Attack
Next The Mole

Art Attacks is episode 1 of Series 3.


M.I. High has two new agents, Oscar Cole and Carrie Stewart, and a different spy handler, Frank London. Their first mission is to find out who is vandalising world famous monuments with graffiti; but Rose is unsure of her inexperienced team-mates.

The world's most famous monuments are being vandalised. The Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China have all been covered in provocative artwork which mocks the host country. Each missive is signed by famous graffiti artist 'Kranky'. The UK is trying to get the world to sign the Anti-SKUL Treaty, which should unite the world in their fight against their evil adversary, the Grand Master. But Kranky's spray can work is making Britain look foolish and the world is reluctant to sign.

The team races against time to find the culprit before national security is compromised. They believe a SKUL agent is posing as Kranky and with expert calculations, Rose guesses where the SKUL agent will strike next; the Pyramids. Will the spies stop the SKUL agent in time to persuade the world to sign the treaty?




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